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Save money at local leisure facilities with a LeisureLink card.


The LeisureLink card provides a discount to concessionary groups at leisure centres and library facilities. The scheme has recently been reviewed and extra concessionary groups such as asylum seekers, students and those who receive council tax benefits have been added.

To qualify for the scheme you should be either:

  • aged 65+ years and over 
  • a full-time student
  • a foster carer
  • a looked after child
  • an asylum seeker

or receive one of the following:

  • Carers allowance
  • Council tax benefit (excluding single occupancy discount)
  • Disability incapacity benefit
  • Housing benefit
  • Income support
  • Incapacity Benefit
  • Disability incapacity benefit
  • Referral to Cardiac Rehabilitation Class
  • Unemployment benefit
  • Working Tax credit

Download the LeisureLink brochure and application form [4MB] or collect from any Hillingdon sports centre or swimming pool.

What offers are there?

The LeisureLink scheme offers discounts to a wide range of sport and leisure activities such as swimming, class and casual gym admissions as well as library discounts.

Leisure centres

Discounts on casual admission charges for many activities such as swimming (free for people aged 65 and above), fitness gym, fitness classes, swimming lessons and junior activities. Discounts vary depending on activity and time of visit.


Concessionary rates for reservations and discounts on charges for hire of music, DVD's and other recordings will apply. Membership to the library will also be required and for residents their HillingdonFirst card will be both concession and library card. For details on your local library, telephone 01895 250600.

How do I apply?

You must complete an application form and return with the following items.

  • Proof of concession/eligibility in at least one of the specific groups listed
  • LeisureLink fee (See LeisureLink brochure [4MB] for full details)
  • Stamped addressed envelope to return your card
  • HillingdonFirst residents card*

*Hillingdon residents (aged 18 and over) will also need to supply their HillingdonFirst card number as proof of residency. Your LeisureLink discount will be added directly to your HillingdonFirst card, saving you the need to carry an additional card.

If you live in Hillingdon but you do not currently have a HillingdonFirst card you can request one online

Children and young people aged 17 and under and all non-residents will be issued a specific LeisureLink card by the leisure centre processing your application.

If you have dependant children (under 16) living at the same address they can be added to your application. All child card cards are valid for one year only. Your partner or spouse will need to supply individual proof of his or her eligibility and complete a separate application form.

Where do I send my application to be processed?

Return your completed application form (either by post or in person) to the Leisure Centre of your choice.

Once your application has been processed you can obtain the LeisureLink discount at any participating centre. However, if applying by post you must make your cheque payable to the correct leisure management company.

Name of centreManagement company

Can they process
your application?

Hillingdon Sports and Leisure Complex

Greenwich Leisure LtdYes

Botwell Green Sports and Leisure

Greenwich Leisure LtdYes

Highgrove Pool and Fitness Centre

Greenwich Leisure LtdYes

Queensmead Sports Centre

Greenwich Leisure LtdYes

William Byrd Pool

William Byrd Pool TrustNo

Application forms cannot be processed at William Byrd Pool or the Active Lifestyles Gym. However, once in receipt of your card you will be able to obtain discounted admission fees at these centres.

Note: Please allow seven days from receipt of your application to be processed.

How do I renew my card?

If renewing your card you must complete a new application form and supply current proof of eligibility. Renewals can be made up to one month in advance of the expiry date.

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