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Council spending over £500

As part of the council's commitment to demonstrating value for money and local government transparency, we are publishing details of all our spending over £500.

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The information shows any payment made to a supplier which was greater than £500 and represents individual net payments, the name of the supplier, the nature of the expense and the amount paid.

Payments made to schools are not included as the money the council receives for schools is passed directly to schools, who manage their own budgets. Payments to government bodies, banks (investment purposes), and individuals (such as refunds, grants and benefits) for data protection reasons, are also not included.

Payments are listed by month and will be updated regularly.

Leader of the Council, Cllr Ray Puddifoot said "Hillingdon Council has a strong track record of good financial management and delivering efficient, value for money services. By publishing this information, all of our residents will be able to see exactly how the council is spending the money we receive from central government, council tax and other income."

Complete listing of council spending for expenditures over £500. Search by category, vendor, or date.
Download complete monthly lists of council spending data in a variety of formats.
Information about the spending data published on this website, including the process, formats, and answers to common questions.
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