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New permit form

    1. Residents parking permit application

    2. Households: Individual postal addresses are generally regarded as separate households. Legally divided houses or flats, with self-contained kitchens and bathrooms, are defined as separate households. A group of people using shared facilities or a group of people in a bed-sit arrangement is defined as one household.

      Vehicles parked in designated parking places not displaying a valid Resident’s Permit or visitor voucher after the start of parking enforcement are liable to be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). PCNs issued before you receive your permit will not normally be cancelled. The Council has the right to reject any application.

      Please see our terms and conditions if you would like further information prior to completing this application click here

    1. Please enter your address to view which parking management scheme your property falls within as well as the parking restriction information
    1. What type of residents permit are you applying for? Please tick one or both if applicable? *
    2. Proof of residence must be supplied as part of the application, or verified if eligible for council tax:
    3. Your details
    4. Free residents permit
    5. Address verification:

    6. If you are the council tax charge payer or a family member sharing the same surname you may be able to provide us with the council tax reference number to verify your address. Otherwise you will be asked to choose the type of accepted proof of address and upload it.

    7. Are you the council tax charge payer? *
    8. Your council tax number is invalid.

    9. ✔ Your council tax number has been verified.

      1. Sorry, you are unable to use the council tax look up to verify your address please choose one of the other options

      2. The following are accepted as valid proof of address: Please select one of the following
      1. Proof of vehicle ownership

      2. You are required to provide proof of vehicle ownership for all additional permit requests. Please ensure the documents uploaded clearly show your name and address or the application will be returned.
      3. Please ensure the documents uploaded clearly show your name and address. We cannot issue a residents parking permit without the appropriate documentary evidence.

    10. How many additional permits?
    11. Additional permit 1
    12. Additional permit 2
    13. Additional permit 3
    14. If you are an owner occupier you will be issued with a 2 year permit. If you are a tenant you will be issued with a 1 year permit. Please select an option from the list *
    15. You will receive 20 free visitor vouchers with your free residential permit
    16. You will receive 10 free visitor vouchers with your free residential permit
    17. Label
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