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Track a petition

Keep up-to-date on petitions submitted by residents.

When residents send the council a valid petition, we either:

  • seek to resolve the matter as soon as possible if it is straightforward in nature (we call it intelligent intervention); or
  • if residents are not satisfied or the matter is more complex, then it will be taken forward to a Petition Hearing with a Cabinet Member responsible for further action

The time the council acts to deliver something requested in a petition will vary upon what is asked for, eg a new playground or some yellow lines on a road.

How to use it

This handy search facility links to our petitions system and will tell you in top-level terms:

  • the status of each petition, eg active, going to a hearing (a key is provided below)
  • a relevant contact address, email or person to speak to for more information
  • if one of the popular highways or traffic petitions that has been heard by the Cabinet Member, the phase the petition is in, as it gets actioned or delivered 'on the ground'

You can either search by keywords such as the first name of your road (eg 'Sweetcroft' or 'Sweet' for Sweetcroft Lane) or the issue raised in the petition (eg, parking), or you can search by Ward (this will provide you with all of the petitions that have been submitted for the particular Ward that you have selected). To find out which Ward you are in, use this handy postcode finder »

The status of petitions are updated monthly.

Please note this search facility is new, under continued development and Democratic Services welcome any feedback you may have. You can contact us via email petitions@hillingdon.gov.uk.

Please note: You are required to either enter the petition name or the ward it is in before selecting search.

Petition status key:

Matching petition(s) with current status are listed below.

Petition active - the petition has been logged as valid and officers are currently undertaking investigations into the issue/s raised in the petition.
Petition going to hearing - the petition has been scheduled to be considered by the relevant Cabinet Member at an upcoming Petition Hearing.
Petition heard - the petition has been considered by the relevant Cabinet Member at a Petition Hearing and officers are now working to implement the resolutions.
Petition intelligently intervened - action has been agreed by the petition organiser and is being undertaken by officers in relation to addressing the issue/s raised in the petition.
Petition on hold - the petition is currently on hold while further action/investigation is undertaken.

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