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Planning committees

Following UK Government advice to avoid all but essential travel and to practice social distancing, the usual physical public speaking rights at Planning Committee will be suspended temporarily during the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, written representations will be considered as part of Hillingdon's established Petitions Scheme. For more information, please email: petitions@hillingdon.gov.uk.

You may have recently been notified of a planning application in your area. With a valid petition, you are able to speak to the Planning Committee directly on the matter.

Hillingdon Council has three planning committees, the:

On these Committees, councillors make decisions on some of the larger, more controversial or complex planning applications that sit with in the areas specified in the maps below. Applications that do not meet this threshold and do not have a valid petition attached to them may be determined by officers under delegated authority.

However, if an application is deemed to be 'major' (10 or more residential units, a site of 0.5 hectares or more, etc), it will be determined by the Major Planning Applications Committee irrespective of where it is within the Borough. Details of all forthcoming meetings and further information can be found at the links above.

If you have strong views on a planning application, the best way to put your views forward to a Committee prior to a decision being made is to organise a petition of 20 or more people who live, work or study within the borough. This gives you the right to speak at a planning committee meeting in support or against the application. Applicants (or their agents) will also have the opportunity to speak if there is a petition relating to their application. Petitions can only be accepted for 'live' applications that have been formally lodged with the council and where no decision has already been made. 

Broadcasting of Planning Committee meetings

Please note that the council broadcast live planning committee meetings for increased resident engagement in local democracy. Whilst cameras will be aimed at the Councillors making the decisions, they will also film and record the statements made by other parties, such as petitioners, applicants or agents who speak during the meeting. The cameras should generally not capture people attending to observe proceedings.

youtube : This link opens in a new window Anyone is welcome to watch a meeting live, or archived after the event, on the council's YouTube channel: Hillingdon London


How to submit a petition »

Search for a particular planning application on the Planning Portal »

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