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    1. Noise

    2. There is no simple definition of 'Statutory Nuisance' under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and no legally defined limits on acceptable times, durations or noise levels. This means that we need to gather detailed patterns of occurrences to demonstrate a persistent and continuing nuisance in order to secure a successful conclusion.

      The following points give some guidance: The nuisance must be considerable. To some people, anything that disturbs or annoys them is thought of as a nuisance. However for legal action a Statutory Nuisance needs to be more than simple annoyance.

      A 'one off' event can be regarded as a Statutory Nuisance if it is witnessed by council officers. The council (and ultimately the criminal court) has to be satisfied that the problem is an unreasonable and substantial interference with the use and enjoyment of property.

      Noise nuisance that is considered to be a statutory nuisance can come either from a neighbour's house, commercial or industrial premises, or from stationary vehicles or equipment in the street.

    3. Do you believe it is a statutory noise nuisance? eg animal noise, building alarm, car repair, construction noise (including DIY), music, vehicle alarm, fireworks, motorbikes noise *
    4. Unfortunately we are unable to investigate. If you would like further information on the types of noise complaints the council is able to investigate please read: statutory nuisance information

    5. Is the incident happening now?
    6. You can call our customer contact centre on 01895 556000 who may be able to contact an officer to witness the noise Monday - Friday during the hours of 9am – 5pm

      Our out of hours team are available between the following hours:
      Thursday - 8pm to 2am
      Friday - 9pm to 3am
      Saturday - 9pm to 3am
      Sunday - 7pm to 1am
      They can be contacted on 01895 250111

    7. Would you like to continue your online report?
    8. Is this the first incident?
    9. As the nuisance is not occuring at the moment and the issue has not come up before we would be unable to prove that the issue constitutes a statutory nuisance. If the issue recurs or persists please either contact us as the nuisance is occuring or complete a diary sheet to help us establish a pattern

      The diary sheets are a valuable part of any investigation as these provide us with a list of events over a period of time. 

      From this we are able to assess the impact the nuisance may be having as well as establishing a pattern of behaviour.

      You can download the diary sheets to help you keep a record of the issues from the following page - Diary sheets

      At the moment we are unable to take further action

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