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School travel plans

Improve safety and reduce car dependency for school journeys.

A school travel plan (STP) is written in partnership with the local authority looking to introduce a package of measures designed to improve safety and reduce car dependency for school journeys. The school is encouraged to engage with other stakeholders in the production of the STP, for example, local authority School Travel Advisors, the police and health authority and the community.

The STP looks at all those factors that effect relevant journeys to and from school and also includes health and safety concerns that may be raised through consultation with pupils, teachers, parents and local residents.

STAR's Accreditation

The STP is submitted to TfL at the end of the academic year and is accredited at 3 different levels through their STARS (Sustainable Travel: Active, Responsible, Safe) Scheme at either the bronze, silver or gold level. The STARS scheme  is an accreditation scheme for schools, nurseries and colleges to inspire young Londoners to travel sustainable, actively, responsibly and safely.

In doing this, STARS empowers pupils and improves the safety and wellbeing of the whole community.
It also encourages active travel behaviour and improves the environment around the school.

Participation in STARS can benefit the whole school community:

  • Children are healthier; pupils are more energetic and better prepared to participate throughout the school day
  • Improved attendance and academic success
  • Fewer cars, less congestion and improved air quality around the school
  • Equipping young people with valuable life skills to travel actively, responsibly and safely
  • Recognition within the school, the local community and across London for travel related achievements

Aims of STP

A STP has a number of objectives designed to bring about a step change in home to school travel patterns to cut congestion and pollution and to encourage regular exercise.

  1. Reduce the number of car trips on journeys to and from schools.
  2. Remove the barriers, both perceived and actual, to walking, cycling and using public transport for school journeys.
  3. Increase the number of young people and adults choosing active and healthy travel options over that of the car.
  4. Increase understanding of the travel options available to school communities.
  5. Provide information to allow school communities to understand the benefits of active, sustainable transport and to use this information to inform how they choose to travel.

Benefits of having a STP

A STP promotes sustainable and safer transport for the whole school community. A STP can result in:

  1. Fewer cars, congestion and pollution around schools.
  2. Healthier, more active pupils, families and staff.
  3. A more accessible school with safer walking and cycling routes.
  4. Opportunities to incorporate sustainable travel and environmental issues into the curriculum.
  5. Stronger links between the school and the local community.
  6. Improved pupil attendance and achievement.

School travel plan key initiatives

As an important part of the STP Initiative, schools are actively encouraged to include in their travel plan, a commitment to an ongoing programme of travel awareness campaigns and promotions.

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