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School governors

Information for school governors and those interested in volunteering as a school governor.

Volunteering as a school governor‚Äč

Our maintained schools are in need of school governors. If you would like to know more about this excellent opportunity, please contact our School Governance team via schoolgovernance@hillingdon.gov.uk for an informal discussion.

Information for head teachers, chairs of governors and governing body clerks

We are responsible for statutory school governance duties of our maintained schools.

This means that the following statutory activities will be provided to maintained schools at no charge:

  • Advice and guidance to schools requiring a legal change to their formal constitution (Instrument of Government).
  • Procedures, advice and guidance to community and voluntary controlled schools on parent governor elections.
  • Procedures, advice and guidance to community and voluntary controlled schools on staff governor elections.
  • Recruitment and nomination of local authority governors.
  • Advice and guidance on the removal of local authority governors.
  • Provision of information to new governors.

Maintained school clerks must:

  1. Contact us to trigger statutory support as described above.
  2. Update us on all changes in the school's governing body membership and contact details on a termly basis, along with confirmation if no changes have taken place.
  3. Share the minutes of each full governing body meeting with us.

Additional training and development for maintained school governing bodies

School leaders are encouraged to ensure that all governors have access to quality training to support the effectiveness of governance practice in schools. This aspect of governance improvement and development is not provided within our statutory duty. Schools and governing bodies are therefore free to choose any commercial national or local provider to support the development of their governing body.  

If you have any queries about school governance duties, support or development please email schoolgovernance@hillingdon.gov.uk


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